Home Design & Build

CB Murray Construction is a premier custom home builder in the Charleston area.  Their staff can assist any potential home owner through each phase of building their dream home – financing, planning, customizing, and building.  Homes can range in size and price and finding a custom home plan for a home owner can be overwhelming.

By choosing a custom build, their team is able to create a one-of-a-kind home that offers a home owner an even greater range of design choices. Buyers who wish to select most details of their new home often decide to build a custom home.

Their staff of contractors, project managers, and interior designers at CB Murray Construction are on hand to help the home owner design and build the home, starting with the home plans.DSCI0049  The staff partners with the home owner.  Weekly meetings are help to discuss progress and budget and there is never a moment the home owner is not actively involved.

CB Murray Construction provides that personal touch that steps the home owners easily through the process.  Their staff is available to tour local Charleston projects completed by their team and can provide several local residents for referrals.